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Technical Writer
& Editor.
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I'm a technical writer and editor with over six years of experience in the medical device industry. I work in clinical product risk for intravascular medical devices, where I support the development of Clinical Evaluation Plans and Reports. Previously, I've worked as a quality assurance technical writer and as a neuromodulation labeling specialist.

I've supported over thirty different product families used in a variety of disease states. Technical writing challenges me to present complex information in a comprehensive and concise manner.

Technical Skills

I have strong technical skills and an interest in software usability. Tools of my trade include:

  • PTC Windchill

  • ENOVIA Product Lifecycle Management

  • Vasont Content Management System

  • eSirius

  • Cascade Content Management System

  • Silva Content Management System

  • IBM M&A Accelerator

  • Cognition Cockpit

Compliance Knowledge
Content Creation
Technical Expertise



My name is Stacie Lewis. I'm a medical device technical writer by profession and a creative writer hobbyist.


I graduated from Bethel University in 2015 with a B.A. in English Literature and Writing. During college, I worked at my university's Information Technology Services desk, assisting customers with their computer troubles and writing knowledge base articles on the side. I had two internships at Mayo Clinic, where I discovered my passion for healthcare and regulation. 

In my free time,  I hike through Minnesota's beautiful state parks, play strategy board games, and work on my short fiction portfolio.

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