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I'm a technical writer and editor with experience in Medical Devices and the Healthcare industry. 

I support new product development teams by writing and formalizing engineering deliverables. I provide subject matter expert knowledge of the quality system and document management systems.

Technical Skills

I have strong technical skills and an interest in software usability. Tools of my trade include:

  • PTC Windchill

  • Footprints Service Core

  • Atlassian Confluence

  • eSirius

  • Cascade CMS

  • Silva CMS

  • IBM M&A Accelerator

  • Cognition Cockpit

Quality System Proficiency
Content Creation
Substantive Editing



My name is Stacie Lewis. I'm a technical writer by profession and a creative writer hobbyist. I graduated from Bethel University in 2015 with a B.A. in English Literature and Writing, after which I began work in the medical device industry as a New Product Development Quality Assurance Technical Writer. During college, I worked at my university's Information Technology Services desk, helping customers with their computer troubles while writing technical blog posts and knowledge base articles on the side. I had two internships at Mayo Clinic, where I discovered my passion for healthcare and regulation.


In my free time,  I play billiards, follow fashion shows, and work on my short fiction portfolio.



Patient Experience

Patient Attributes Health to Excellent Care, A Generous Donor, and a Terrible Spider Bite


Bridging the gulf of patient experience can be like magic


Buried Alive: The Development of the Individual in Dostoevsky’s Notes from the House of the Dead



I appreciate Stacie's patience in tracking things down to completion. She always goes above and beyond.


Stacie has established herself as a well-respected member
of all of her teams and collaborates effectively cross-functionally with a wide variety of team members and departments. She is an active team member, engaging in discussions during meetings and contributing to the excellence of product development for a variety of projects.
Stacie already works at a high level of expertise and engagement, and I see her developing further in the areas of influence – using her knowledge and skills to help develop others on her project teams as well as continuing to mentor and advise other technical writers.








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